Founded in 1998, 11th Hour has remained dedicated to providing the highest level of technology, service and innovation for our clients.

Originally conceived as a hospitality and convention services company, we spent the first few years focused on the unique demands of the hospitality market.  Successful adoption by leading large top-tier hotels earned us recognition as a trusted full-service provider of on-site conference business solutions.  The success from the Business Center division provided us the capital needed to grow the company and offer an expanded and comprehensive suite of solutions. The expansion created two new divisions, Print & Graphic Design and Office Equipment Rentals. These new divisions enabled us to branch out from the hospitality industry and service clients in other industries that could benefit from our comprehensive suite of solutions.

Today, 11th Hour has a diverse list of clients. Hotels, high-tech companies, financial institutions, law firms, government agencies and more, are all benefitting from our suite of solutions.